• chevron_rightHow do I request HOA information for the sale of a property?
    Information for requesting information for the sale of a property is under the Public Tab of the Home page.  It provides the necessary information. Then go to the contact us page and send an email to "Treasurer".  Include any attachments that you are asking to be completed and returned to you.  
  • chevron_rightWhat are the Property Owners Annual Dues?
    The Mallard Pointe Annual Assessment is due annually on January 1. The fees are: $418.00 per lot and $251.00 per boat slip.
  • chevron_rightWhy is Solicitation happening in Mallard Pointe when we have an entrance sign that states NO SOLICITATION?
    Even though we do have a NO SOLICITATION sign at our entrance, unfortunately we can not prevent solicitors from coming into Mallard Pointe. We are not a gated community and our roads belong to Hood County. The best way to avoid unwanted solicitation is to post a no solicitation sign at the end of your property next to your driveway or walkway. YOU CAN prevent a solicitor from entering your property. If a solicitor still comes onto your property disregarding your signage, you can call the Hood County Sheriff to have them removed from your property.
  • chevron_rightAre fireworks allowed in Mallard Pointe?
    Fireworks of any type are not permitted any day of the year anywhere in Mallard Pointe.
  • chevron_rightAre there Volunteer Opportunities in Mallard Pointe Property Owners Association
    There are numerous ways you can get involved with your neighborhood. Volunteer Opportunities include:
         * Serving on the Board of Directors (President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, & Committee Chair)
         * Serving on a Committee:
                 ACC Committee (Oversees new additions, improvements and compliance)
                 Front Entrance Committee  (In charge of  front entrance appearance, landscaping, and holiday decorations)
                 Entertainment Committee  (Organizes neighborhood events)
                 Hospitality Committee  (Welcomes new property owners, organizes help for families dealing with a death or other significant event)
                 Marina Committee  (Oversees the Marina, coordinates maintenance and repairs, and assists the ACC Committee with boat lift approvals)
                 Boat Trailer Storage Committee (Oversees the Trailer storage area, Supervises the inventory, maintains log and issues approved tags)
                 Parks Committee  (Oversees both Pintail and Wigeon Parks. coordinates maintenance and repairs, organizes volunteer Spring & Fall clean up days) 
                 Park Flag Committee  (Oversees the Pintail Park Flag, coordinates maintenance and repairs, adjusts flag height when necessary.
    If you are interested or would like additional information, contact any Board Member listed on the home page under the BOD/Committees tab.  
  • chevron_rightCan I lease/rent out my boat slip?
    Yes. Our Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (CC&R's) Section 3.10 allows an Owner of  a Slip to lease/rent their Slip ONLY to another Mallard Pointe Property Owner. In our Marina Standards #5 (Rules & Regulations) the Owner of the Slip is prohibited from charging an amount in excess of that currently authorized by the Association as the annual fee for the boat slip.
  • chevron_rightCan I switch my boat slip with another Mallard Pointe resident?
    Yes if both parties are agreeable, there is a boat slip transfer form to complete and forward to the President to document to exchange.
  • chevron_rightHow can I recycle?
    Only one of our neighborhood current trash providers (Rhino Removal) offers recycle service.  You can however recycle using the Hood County Citizens Collection Center.  Click here for the information.  
  • chevron_rightHow can other family members receive email communications for the neighborhood?
    They will need access to the Mallard Pointe website.  Navigate to www.mallardpointe.info and click the register link in the upper right hand corner.  Complete the form and the board will review and approve your request.  All lots are attached to one primary user and spouses and family members are attached as secondary users. 
  • chevron_rightIs there bulk trash pickup in Mallard Pointe?
    There is no pick-up in the neighborhood, but there are options for dropping off general items or brush; General items can be discarded M/W/F/Sat at the Citizens Collection Station, 244 Bray Street, Granbury, TX 76048, Phone: (817) 579-3288 (cost varies based on amount; cash or check only); Brush is accepted at 1510 Weatherford Highway, Granbury, TX 76048 on Wednesday Phone: (817) 579-3307. 
  • chevron_rightWhat are the options for utility providers?
    Mallard Pointe Utility Information
    Electric Company
    Tri-County Electric Co-Operative Inc. 1623 Weatherford Hwy.
    Granbury, TX 76048
    Water Company
    Aqua Texas, Inc. 1-888-370-6527
    Cable/Internet Services
    Garbage Services
    Rhino Remover

  • chevron_rightWhat are the rules for using the dumpster in the storage area?
    The dumpster is for the use of Association members only to accommodate brush clean-up and DIY projects. The community dumpster is not to be used for normal household garbage or business trash/debris. Members are responsible for having personal trash service for these purposes. DO NOT OVERFILL THE DUMPSTER! The code to enter the dumpster area is located under the Members tab of the website.
  • chevron_rightWhere can I get the code for the storage area, boat ramp or marina?
    Codes can be found under the Members Tab on the Home Page. Please do not share any codes with non Mallard Pointe residents.
  • chevron_rightWho do I contact if I have lost/found a pet?
     You can post a message on "Nextdoor" or look in the pet directory of this website to see if you can identify a found pet. You may also call Animal Control or any local vet to check for microchip on a found animal. If all options have been utilized and you need to put out a neighborhood alert, contact MPPOA by email through the "Contact us" and we will send a neighborhood email as soon as possible.
  • chevron_rightWho do I contact if I need to report a violation?
    It is important as neighbors that we all try to resolve issues personally, but if you feel it warrants notifying Association management you can find an email labeled MPPOA for the Board of Directors, ACC for the Architectural Control Committee, or the email for  Violations. 
  • chevron_rightWhy is Mallard Pointe not gated?
    Mallard Pointe roads are County roads and therefore can't be gated off without MPPOA taking over the expensive cost of road maintenance.